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Fashion That's Friendly

What do you think of when I say... 'cheap clothes'? I think of mega sales, mountains of clothes, stuffy environment, sticky arms and aunties shoving me #true story

But this is different! It's FRIENDLY.

Based on the number of likes on their FB page, I'm quite a slowpoke =/

This is Friendly Fashion, a place where people get to sell their stuff without opening a blogshop. Not the first of it's kind as I've already seen it elsewhere years ago but this is more organized.

There are so many categories to choose from which makes it easier if you're looking for something specific. For example, I'm always at 'Shorts & Capris' because I like shorts. I wouldn't look for swimsuits, sportswear or maternity clothes.. =/

Many of these clothes are pre-loved though but some girls are just selling impulse purchases. You can get some awesome deals here like this pair of DIY ombre shorts that sold for just RM 30 wtf!

Because she has nice shorts, I want to see the other stuff she's selling! Fortunately, I can do this because posters have to login and items they post are connected to their account. These are all below RM 100 and some are even below RM 50 =O

So nice right?!

There's space for extra information and more photos plus a comment box ^_^

You can find dresses for as low as 5 bucks here but I'm not going to tell you where! Search yourself xP

* This is not an advertorial


  1. Cool! I'm going to check it out! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  2. I've bought an eyeshadow from there. The stuff there is not bad, but if you're a bit "bigger" like me, all those XXS/XS/S sized clothes can be pretty depressing lol


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