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China Glaze Luxe And Lush

Another purchase from Secret Allure. I got this with the OPI Fit For A Queensland.

I didn't want glitter cos I'm bored of them and they're so hard to remove. I've never tried flakes before so I opted for one.

You can see the flakes better in this pic.

I was pretty disappointed when I took the brush out. The flakes were not as condensed as I thought. The clear polish was quite goopy too.

In order to get a good amount of flakes, I had to use one thick layer. Thin layers did not pick up enough flakes.

It was pretty rough and the bits were sticking out. Greatly improved with top coat but still not the best.

Reminds me of Magnum Almond xD

What about you? Do you prefer flakes or glitter?

Price : About RM 30
Bought from : Secret Allure
Made in USA


  1. gIitter,hands down! Love your nails ;)

  2. I like both flakes and glitters :) I like to change between the two!

  3. We need more flakie polish in Malaysia!! lol
    I also purchased Luxe and Lush from the CG event in Isetan. It dries kinda gritty but i like the effect compared to normal glitter. :3

  4. I thought mine was opened by someone else since the texture was thick lol. And I totally regret putting on two coats because taking these off were just as hard. -_-

  5. Oh dear those nails are bringing me back to my early teens! hee!

  6. I love both of them, but I prefer glitter :D

  7. where can get china glaze nail color ?


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