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A Bucket of Thanks

If you follow Qiuqiu on Twitter, you would have noticed her always being grateful for something and it's all because of The Secret. I honestly do not know what that is (promise I'll go find out but I think it's a book). I think the idea is if you're grateful for your current situation, good things will come. I'm not sure how true that is but I like the idea of being grateful for things that happen in your life. Although I found it strange at first, somehow the more I see her tweets, I find that I'm beginning to be more grateful myself wtf

Firstly, I'm grateful for all the lovely packages I've been receiving recently. My parents must be sick of signing for them by now xD

I won the blogger prize from Supermodel's Secrets and didn't even realize it (somehow skipped my name wth). Seeing a BIG parcel on your table when you wake up is just.. pure bliss lolz

There were also cash vouchers inside so yay! Shopping time~ xD Which makes me also dam grateful for a job with a nice boss which I feel that I'm overpaid. I will work harder, boss!

Then I got my prize from Golly Locks where I won her giveaway. Already posted this yesterday.

Birthday gift from arrived which will be sent to the winner of my Birthday giveaway. In fact, I have several other companies whom I will be hosting giveaways with. Just that I haven't really found the time to do it.

I have been looking at the Biore sunblocks at Watson's. Just noticed there were a few new ones then I won a full sized one from Sharon's blog omggg

I have used several Veet products before and I like their hair removal creams. I wrote an advertorial for them but decided to put effort into it by posting a more uncommon photo of myself and it was chosen as one of the Best Fun Photos or something. So yay again! Two new full sized products to use.

On the same day as the Biore & Veet parcels arrived (6th June 2012), another little bundle of joy also appeared into my life. Say hello to my little friend..!

This is NOT MY BABY btw.. He's my nephew =_=

That morning my sister's husband MMS-ed me a pic of her lying on a hospital bed. First thing that came into my mind : OMG SHE'S GIVING BIRTH! (wasn't expecting it until later this month) then I realized oh.. It's just a regular checkup. So I messaged him saying he scared me. Which he replied by saying 'she will deliver in a couple of hours'.

she will deliver in a couple of hours

deliver in a couple of hours

couple of hours

I immediately jumped out of bed and went to ask my parents, finding them already preparing (we have not prepared the bed, bottles, whatever). Turns out they already knew but didn't tell me cos I was sleeping =_= WTH?!

For the next few hours, we express-cleaned the house from all the dust and dog fur.

Also grateful for a wonderful bf who brought me to Maiu again for Jap buffet. I know it's quite pricey since he has to pay for two so THANK YOU!

Then Nicole bought me a drink for my birthday. Actually I'm more grateful for the night of laughter =)

Started using the Essential shampoo & conditioner then felt so dam touched and happy that Cynthia lugged it all the way from Singapore for me and Nicole had to carry it too omggg why my friends so nice wan?? My soft hair says thank you.

Last Instagram pic for this post.. I'm grateful because I don't have to be the 'actress' in my video assignment HAHAHA! =x okay, this one doesn't really count actually. Or should I be grateful because I have a videogenic friend?? ^_^

To balance back all the goodness I've been receiving, I've decided that others should receive some goodness from me too! Apart from the giveaways on my blog, I decided to give someone something she wanted because I got mine for free but never used it. Don't waste good stuff, right?

Also, there's something else that has been bothering me. Some time back (a really long time ago, actually), I did something bad to someone and I never apologized so I will do it! Soon..


  1. The secret is actually a video that is documentry like. It talks about the secret to happiness and success to life - being positive. If you are positive, your surroundings and outcomes will be so too. That's what it claims to help with. Which is true to a certain extent, I mean, if we think positively, things will seem A LOT better than say, if you were negative.

    So yup, haha :) Congrats on all the good things coming your way ^^ may it all continue~

  2. ShaneeChandar07 June, 2012 14:18

    Hey Isabel! I enjoy reading your blog & im more than happy to pass you this blogger award. Do check it out & have a nice day :)

  3. HAHA okaay I was so wrong.. Thank you for explaining =) Yup, sometimes people are so negative that they don't see all the positive things! They only know how to complain and not appreciate

  4. The Secret is available in book too. It is the first book. Now they have the second and third book which is The Power and The Magic. I think Xiaxue and Qiuqiu is on The Magic now. I remember back then when I first read The Secret it made me so happy. Don't know why but it gives me this high and positivity that I try to practice until this day. Go get it! You won't regret~ :D

  5. so lucky got so many things come :))) I also want ><

  6. So lucky got so many things you got >< i also want! 


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