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Essence Nail Polish Remover Pen

When I'm at COCiCOCi, I can never resist from checking out all the stuff cos they're so darn affordable!

Then I found this lil treasure.. I was never very good at applying nail polish. It gets all over the place and usually I can't be bothered cos that 'soaking cotton buds in nail polish remover' method never works for me.

"With a thin tip to quickly and easily correct small nail polish smudges on nails and skin"

This is some kinda hard sponge tip.

Not sure if you can see clearly.. Here's another angle. It's shaped like a flat head screwdriver.

Basically, I just press it on the area I want to remove for 5 seconds and voila! It looks like the mistake was never there. I use this for nail art pen malfunctions, badly drawn designs, excess polish on cuticle and any other mistakes.

The product smells great btw.. Like sweet strawberries mmm.. I do think it's gonna dry out pretty fast like all other similar products but hey, it's so cheap! I guess you can always dip it into your own remover.

Size : 0.1 fl. oz. / 3 ml
Price : RM 8.90
Bought from : COCiCOCi Mid Valley
Made in Germany


  1. I bought this too! :D I like the smell, but that's about it. >_< I guess i have a lil OCD because after removing the nail polish from the cuticles, i just cannot tahan the stain it leaves on the tip, lol! 

  2. wow seems good! Thanks for the review.. hehe will be looking out for this..

  3. LOL YEA! Mine's blackish now and I'm like =_= Reluctant to use the sides since I want them to stay white =/

  4. While drawing my 'mustache nails', the shape went really bad and I used this to correct it kekeke.. No problem since my base was so nude.


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