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Sasatinnie Platinum White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask

Phew! What a long name.. I didn't intend to buy facial masks while walking into Sasa but the lovely packaging caught my eye.

I think it's really girly and fancy. Looked kinda expensive but I checked the price tag and it said RM 26.90 @_@ There are 10 pieces so it's only RM 2.69 per sheet! I think there were about 4 variants but I got only one to try out.

Seriously love the packaging!

It's quite thin and adheres to my face well. The fit wasn't perfect on the jaws although there is a slit but I think it's good enough. It has a relaxing floral scent which some people may find to be too strong.

See how moist it is! There was plenty of essence left in the packet so I just poured it out and topped up on the mask. It remained moist for 20-30 minutes.

When removing the mask, it was kinda sticky but after massaging the essence in, my skin was soooo smooth, soft & hydrated. It wasn't sticky nor shiny anymore. Brightening effect wasn't superb but it helped with the dullness.

Size : 10 pieces per box
Price : RM 26.90
Bought from : Sasa
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Hydrating, thin sheet, brightening, moist sheet, cheap, no sticky residue after massaging, lots of essence
Cons : Strong fragrance

My conclusion : I'm quite impressed with this. It's cheaper than My Beauty Diary masks so I might give the other types a shot.


  1. haha! Another product with a looong name. The mask must be really good to have your skin become so smooth! And good that it isn't stick after :)

  2. Your skin looks very refreshed! I love the effects of a good mask :)

  3. Your skin look so lovely after. ^^

  4. Oh dear, I have not patience for face masks?  Stay still for 30 minutes? Impossible :-)

  5. love how thick the mask this..◠‿◠

  6. Sasa is everywhere in HongKong here~~~ this mask looks very good :D 

  7. These look cool! I've never tried sheet masks so I'll definitely look into this :)

  8. Actually.. I just pop it on and do my stuff o.0 That's why masks with thin sheets are much better. They stick on your face and don't fall off as easily


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