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Essence French Glam 02 Rose Glam

Like many people, I don't have perfect nails. Sure, you can shape them however you want but when it's bare & naked, does it look pretty? Original French manicures are only complete with the nude base colour.

So I picked this up.. There were 5 types there, 3 under 'French Glam' range. Mine is the middle shade. First one is White Glam while 3rd one is Pink Glam. Remaining 2 are French Matt & French Nude.

It comes with a regular brush. Since it's sheer, any streakiness/uneveness isn't really noticeable.

This nail polish works well as a nude base. I think the colour is very neutral & natural looking. It smoothed my nail surface & made it shiny.

I didn't do a French manicure though. This was for my Like a Sir nails xP

Could have used this for my previous nail arts.

 I have discolouration on my nails here!

I feel like getting the pinker one to try out. Maybe it'll give my nails a healthier look? ^_^

Size : 0.27 f. oz. / 8 ml
Price : RM 8.90
Bought from : COCiCOCi
Made in Luxembourg


  1. oh you got essence there in malaysia??
    I thought they're only available in europe Ö_o
    nice to know that they're also available there in malaysia ;)

  2. The company that owns Empro Cosmetic brought it in :) Yay!

  3. I like these nice soft colours for nails.It's not so obvious when they chip.

  4. Oooh it looks nice! Saw it many times but didn't feel like picking it up because it's too nude for my liking, haha. Gotta get one and do some french manis soon :D

  5. What a versatile nail color. It makes your nails look super healthy =D

  6. Yes but there isn't much colour either haha.. There was this OPI one I tried that's white with pink & green shimmer omg! so pretty but I didn't get the name x.x


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