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Sasatinnie Aloe & Olive Deep Moist Silky Mask

People just can't come up with short names nowadays, can they?

Another mask by Sasatinnie! Honestly, before this I was under the impression that Sasatinnie stuff are cheapo & useless but I was wrong! Since I liked the previous one, I bought 2 more to try.

Recently, my skin is getting more sensitive & dry because of all the sun exposure in Taylor's dammit. 'Aloe' & 'Deep Moist' sounded like a good choice.

Compared to the Platinum White Truffle Brightening Silky Mask, the packaging didn't really appeal to me even though it's just a different colour.

And the ones inside are even more unappealing! =_=" What happened?? I loved the grey coloured design.

Same info so copy pic =x

I look so bug eyed lol I really like the shape of this mask as it fits around my nose & eye. I dislike masks that neglect my undereye area. Don't discriminate please! My undereyes are equally as important.

The thin sheet reminds me of My Beauty Diary masks. It smells like those scented hand wipes in Chinese restaurants. Could do without the fragrance.

I could feel that my skin was hydrated & smoother after using this mask. It's not sticky and absorbed well when patted in.
Size : 10 pcs per box
Price : RM 26.90
Bought from : Sasa
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Hydrating, thin sheet, good shape, no sticky residue, absorbs well
Cons : Fragrance

My conclusion : Not bad but I prefer the Platinum White Truffle one which most probably is a repurchase ^_^


  1. lol at the intro!

    i hate it when i have to type long titles too. i get tired typing it, how much more saying it!
    i am dreading the time when i have to write a review for my Loreal professional au nature masque rich nourishing masque for dry hair. 
    what the fudge?!
     try saying that 3x!

    sorry, i got carried away with the title issue.
    anyway, facial masks doesn't work for me.
    i don't know why but i don't notice any effect at all.
    i like the cooling mask from MBD just because it has a cooling sensation but that's it.

    any specific obvious result that you had gotten from using facial masks?
    can you recommend some for me?
    i have an oily, acne-prone skin 
    oh & i have a big face. is there a mask that fits fat faces like mine? hahaha!
    dang! there was this one mask brand that can't even fit my face... 
    what the?!

  2. They actually wrote masque twice =_= zzz.. maybe all the shorter names were taken lmao at the rate new products are coming out, I wouldn't be surprised!
    Usually masks hydrate my skin. If they're good, they brighten temporarily too but so far, only 3 have kept the brightening more than an hour which are Watson's brand, MBD Black Pearl & MBD Bulgarian White Rose. I think the Earl Grey was not bad too. Haven't really tried many masks.. I don't think oil control masks work for me =/ Probably because my oily skin comes from dehydrated skin. Honestly, this is a trial and error matter

  3. I hate scented facial products. My nose is sensitive so it gets annoying! But anyway, this looks good... and I wish that masks worked as good for me so my skin could be as nice as yours!

  4. You're toootally right...Long names everywhere because they're running out of ideas for short ones. xD
    I really should start jumping into the facial mask bandwagon...The benefits seem amazing with continued use! I'm just going through a period of odd odd acne so I'm a bit skeptical to use a sheet mask at this time! (sadness)
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Haven't try Sasa masks before. I shall give it a try e next time! Bahaahah! 

  6. Hey! Miyen here!  came across your blog from nuffnang :) I love masks! Hmm... maybe I'll try these out too :) Btw, nice and clean layout. I like <3 It seems a lot of girls go for the pink background color. I have it for my blog too =.= lol.

  7. I never tried this before! It seems nice! 


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