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Giveaway : Suncoat Nail Polishes

So... It's a new year and I thought I should really clear some things. Take note that these are NOT NEW. I've swatched them HERE and 2 of them have been used once. If nobody wants them, I'm just gonna bin them. They're not dried up or anything. Still usable.

Giveaway rules :
- Must be a follower
- You must have a Malaysian address
- Closes on 15th January 2012

How to join?
Be a follower =_="
+1 Post this on your own blog (post or sidebar, doesn't matter)
+1 Share on Facebook
+1 Answer the question below by commenting here : 
If I gave away clothes, would you rather have a 'cash voucher' (so you can choose anything you want from the blog) or I'll pick the clothing to giveaway?

Comment below with your follower name, e-mail address, links and answer to question.

Planning more small giveaways in the future (includes beauty stuff, clothes and some others) but I'll see the response for this first.

Hope you're having a good 2012 so far! ^_^


  1. Hi & a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you! :)
    im a gfc follower (kathlynn85) & i've shared your giveaway here on my sidebar

    i rather have cash voucher so i can pick my own! :)

  2. Happy New Year to you too Kathlynn!
    Thanks for joining.. I'll keep that in mind! Although the 'cash voucher' would actually be an immediate rebate since I won't be sending out papers with 'cash voucher' written on it xD

  3. Hi Isabel :) Hope you're having a great New Year :)

    I follow you both on Networked Blogs and Google Friend Connect. Both my usernames are Abigail Cheah.  Is the link I've shared on Facebook. is the link on my Tumblr.

    I'd rather be given a "cash voucher" as I am able to choose whatever I want as sometimes people are different in their styles and the type of things they'd like to receive.

  4. Hey Isabel xD Imma join this giveaway cos I hate seeing things go to waste D: nuuuu!!!
    Also on nail polish frenzy altho I suck at painting my own nails! gonna experiment on acrylic nails soon :D
    Just became a follower but I do read your blog posts from time to time when you share them on your FB keke *silent stalker*

    blog post : facebook: 

    I prefer to have cash vouchers cos everyone has a different height & proportions, body figure, skin colour, etc. We ourselves will know what is best suited to us :)

    have an awesome new year! weeee!!! xD

  5. Hey Isabel! i wanna win the polish cos i'm currently on polish frenzy altho i suck at painting my own nails! D: will try on acrylic nails soon!

    this is also my 1st time joining a giveaway~ xD *shy shy*blog link: yumi_mokhotmail .comHave a happy new year!! xD weeeee!!!


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