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Grumps SS2Mall

Now.. I actually DO go to SS2Mall for other things apart from Chatime lol Quick dinner with Nicole, her hubby & Yumi at Grumps. It was near closing time by the time we got there but they still accepted our order.

Shy Yumi with her Mocha.

I ordered pasta (bet you already guessed that). Too salty x.x Bacon bits were really hard, too much oil and well.. Quite plain for RM 18.

This was okay.. But still prefer the one at Pizza Milano which is cheaper and has more seafood!

Chicken chop with mashed potato & salad.

OOTD : New pants from Jusco RM 40 with rediscovered tube top ^_^ Love that it matched my phone casing and nails lol~

Yes, I know I'm thin and no, I'm not on diet lol I think my mirror made me look thinner here though..

Overall, I'm not impressed with the food. Will not return.

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