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Don't Wear Short Skirts

You probably didn't notice me going MIA from my blog as I had some scheduled posts.. I've been abandoning my online life (except whatever I can get from my phone) due to work & IELTS, which is a pre requisite before I'm allowed to take my degree course. Argh!

So what's up with the post title, you ask..

A couple walking past saw the banner.. The men went "oh my GAWD!" while the lady turned around and gave it a disgusted look. An hour later, they came back to read the rest of the banner and finally understood it =_="

The CARing Project at Tropicana City Mall was organized by VenusBuzz. They were giving out free safety kits for women and provided lap tops where you could rate the safety of carparks at various shopping malls. Last I checked, Bangsar Shopping Centre got the highest rating. The most interesting part was the self defense demo by MuayFit International though.

What was I doing there? Well, I had a Yubertastic time with the Yuberactive team giving out freebies! Everyone was aiming for the chipet Chip Pets (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) but they're so limited so congrats to the lucky people!

To those of you who ignored me or gave me an annoyed face,

Y U NO stop and listen to me?

I just wanted to share the freebies~~

One dude even asked me "What card?" wth..? I'm not asking you to sign up for credit card la mister..

 Peggy & I~

Repainted my nails specially for this job. My usual leopard spots just because it's the only one I know =_=" I've received numerous compliments on this ^_^ *happy* Coral base is by Rimmel. Purposely used this because it's one of the products provided by Yuberactive for review *semangat* Orange is Sasatinnie brand.

P.S. Panda eyes photoshopped away in photos below cos I was half zombie (does that make me half zombie panda?).

Went for 2 job interviews this week. Got accepted for one but waiting for confirmation. In both pictures & also for the above one, I'm using the Rimmel Lip Gloss, which was also provided by Yuberactive. I'm loving this gloss so much! It plumps up my lips, smoothens it (just awesome for people with dry lips like me) and gives it a sexy pink look.

I'm also rediscovering my love for my Maybelline gel liner ^_^

I better go practise for my IELTS exam now.. T_T~ I'm just glad blogging has kept my brain partially active so it's slightly better. Will try to schedule some posts before my job next week~


  1. Haha- zombie pandas sound pretty adorable.... even if they're falling apart.

    And wow--- this project sounds interesting. :] It's too bad so many folks didn't stop and listen to what you had to say. D:

  2. I love the nails.
    I thought it said 'wear short skirts' at first ><
    but yah it's hard to get people's attention sometimes!

  3. I'm sorry about everyone not stopping but its a wonderful cause nonetheless! If I saw you, I would totally stop :)

    You're looking as gorgeous as ever in this post! Your contacts are especially lovely with your nail combination. Pretty pretty.

  4. @ Noxin
    Well, I understand how they feel... Might look like I'm trying to sell something.

    @ Peiji
    Thanks ^_^

    @ Janis
    Well, I don't always stop to listen myself so.. Karma? Hahaha!

    They're my favourite pair of lenses! =)

  5. That must have been a cool experience! Love the nails!


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