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Samsung Galaxy S2 Shots

So I finally got a new phone cos...

I dropped my old one on the road and it got a major crack on the screen =x oops.. (It also has plenty of other problems and finally died on me)

After some research and asking around, I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy S2 which set me back a little over 2k inclusive of the protective case and some kinda anti-fingerprint screen protector which totally blurs the screen. This is such a bummer cos the S2 has beautiful colours.

Yeah well.. I'm not gonna go all techy and review this cos you can read it elsewhere =/ I'm just gonna... Show you some photos I took with it cos you know bloggers love taking pictures (at least I do anyway lol!)

*Click on photos in this post to enlarge

It has a rear 8.0 MP camera which is not bad.. With flash, you can really see all the details (pores, blackheads, fine lines, more pores etc..). Photo has been resized but you can still see how clear it is.

Without flash, it came out all reddish. I tried multiple shots and they all came out the same. Nothing major.. I can correct this using Photoshop (there are many photo editing apps that can be downloaded into the phone as well).

As for the front 2.0 MP camera, it's obviously not as clear but great for camwhoring! xD
Outdoor shot using front camera. It's actually not bad... Much better than my Nokia's 3.2 MP which usually looks very faded and dull.

If you didn't notice it.. It has a tendency to saturate the colour in the middle only, which I cannot understand. Maybe I have it on the wrong setting, huh? Still have not fully tested it out yet. Being the tech noob I am, I'm slowly exploring it =/

There also isn't a camera button on the side so you gotta press the button on the touch screen which isn't so convenient if you're camwhoring with the rear mirror (I have to hold the phone with both hands and simply press the screen until I hear a click).

As for photo transferring, I have not installed Kies or used the USB cable yet =/ I've been transferring photos through Kies Air which is quite convenient. You just enter a URL into the computer and you can transfer data using the shared wifi connection.

Audio is awesome.. Really loud and clear. I think it may have been better than my Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic. Only con is that the speaker is on the back! So when you have the device facing upwards, the sound is muffled =_= Also, there's this option to silent your phone when you face it downwards so it's either no audio or muffled sounds Zzzz...

Battery life wasn't so good for the first few days as I was going gaga over the live wallpaper, games, super vibrant colour, going online and listening to music. It only lasted a day. But then I turned down everything to the minimum and it lasts for 2 days now.

Aaaanyway.. Back to the photos. Sometimes I have a hard time getting it to focus since there isn't a button to press halfway to focus so I end up with blur shots.

And yes.. I had a haircut. Will blog about that later.

Comparing it with my Sony DSC-S2100.. My Sony isn't all that great to begin with but it's awesome cos it makes people look good xD

In conclusion.. The S2 camera cannot replace a real camera but when your camera's not with you, it's not a bad alternative =)


  1. your new hair rocks!
    you look great,sweetie!

    i always like how samsung gives out aclear pics unlike other phones like ericsson or nokia phones that's why i have samsung phone & digicam as well..hehe

  2. wow.. the camera quality is really nice and clear! but quite expensive for this phone =( what bout the apps? as many and interesting as iphone?

  3. It has less apps than the iPhone :( it has some popular games like angry birds n fruit ninja.


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