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Products Finished In May & June

I totally skipped last month's post so cramming both here =_= Combining mini reviews for these products as well since I don't really like the idea of writing a super short review for each.

*Pics from BubblezShoppe

Because it melts easily, I find the price to be a bit pricey and that will probably prevent me from purchasing it. However, if the claims are true, it's worth it!

"Gently expells pimple or acne and cools the skin"
I didn't use this on my face but it was sudsy enough to use on my body. It didn't have a minty cool feeling as I expected but still quite nice to use even though it melts in the container (waste of soap!).

Another one of my whitening soaps xD This one doesn't feel special compared to the others. I only used it for about a week so can't comment on the whitening ability. Also melts.

Now.. This soap I like. It gives a white foamy lather, doesn't melt (winner!) and is smooth on skin. Reminds me of the V&M Royal Pearl Soap which I liked except V&M smelt better and was more milky than sudsy. Good chance I'll be repurchasing this!

Okay.. I gotta admit, I like this mainly because of the partially see through colour xD So cool! This soap is not bad too but I like the Arbutin one more.

This soap smells slightly fruity and has small black dots so you can use it to exfoliate as well ^_^ It lathers okay and melts.

Got a small tube of this from Nicole. It smells like ginger, lathers okay with water, is gentle on skin and you only need a small amount. Unfortunately, you can no longer get this in Malaysia =_=

8. Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser Sample
Er.. I'm definitely not feeling the oil-absorbing formula. It dries out my face a lil but it still gets oily fast. I like the fresh smell (especially after a long day or in the morning) and the fact that it lathers well. Don't think I'll be purchasing this..

9. Laneige Star White Skin Refiner Sample
This is an alcohol free toner that isn't drying and it smells goooooddd. I don't see any brightening effect so I'll rather use a hydrating lotion instead.

10. Laneige Star White Emulsion Sample
Just like the toner, I like the smell as well ^_^ I like using this above a thick layer of skin care cos it somehow makes it less sticky & shiny. IMO it's a light moisturizer and I need something heavier but I wouldn't mind using this in the day time.

11. Juju Aquamoist Moisturizing Cleansing Water
For a light makeup remover, this is okay.. I would very much like to try other cleansing waters first before deciding if I'm gonna repurchase this.

12. Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Actually I only used this less than 5 times. I think my brother was using it LOL It's not really foamy and leaves your scalp feeling cool. I read somewhere that using dandruff shampoo on your face can get rid of flaking skin so I tried it.. OMG! Super dried out my skin like crazy. Don't try this =_=

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