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MagicColour Blushy Green

Remember the contact lenses I got HERE? I've been wearing it for work and I'm really loving it! I got compliments on my eyes from both the staff and customers. My Bf loves them too xD One foreign customer even asked me where to get them but I misunderstood her English and thought she was referring to my eyeliner =_="

I swear these photos have only been cropped & resized and nothing else.

Yea yea I know.. I look good LOL =x

My eyes were immediately much much bigger and I looked like a jumped out of an anime! The colour is opaque and it's a really beautiful green. I think this suits girls who wanna be cute and young (not for you if you wanna look mature and professional). By lining my eyes in a different way the other day, somehow I managed to look very doe eyed (imagine Puss in Boots from Shrek). Sadly, I didn't take a picture =_=

Having originally small monolid eyes, it does look funny without makeup. If I'm not going to wear makeup, I won't wear this lens. Somehow the huge 16 mm diameter makes my bare eyes look swollen. This can be easily fixed with eyeliner and falsies though =)

One major plus point is the uber high 55% water content! I wore this from 10.30 am to 12.30 am (14 hours) for 3 days straight and it doesn't even feel dry! Just amazing.. But of course, it isn't recommended that you wear your lenses for 14 hours >_<

The Diamond Cut Technology is supposed to create a smooth surface which you can feel when you're washing the lens. This results in comfortable wear where you won't feel the lens. As I have mentioned before, I got eye allergies, where there's some growth/swelling under my lid and it gets irritated after prolonged wear of contact lens as the lens rubs against the area. With this, there's minimal irritation and sometimes none at all. Maybe it's because of the smooth surface?

So sweet of them to make a cute poster for all of us =)

If you're interested to get any of the lenses, I have great news! In conjunction with the successful blogger's review and makeup session, they're offering a Buy 3 Free 1 promo for all our readers ^_^ Thanks MagicColour!

* Take note that the offer only starts on the 16th of May

Base Curve :  Median
Diameter : 16 mm
Price : RM 40/year
Buy from : MagicColour
Made in Korea

Pros : Enlarging, high water content, smooth surface, opaque colour, lovely green, comfortable, cheap, low irritation
Cons : -

My conclusion : Love love love! It's so comfortable and makes my eyes look super duper big without looking weird. Other than the large 16mm size, I do think it looks rather natural. Having met people from their company, I trust them and have more confidence to wear their contact lenses. If I need contact lenses in the future, I wouldn't mind buying from them ^_^

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Ooh, love the contact lenses! I'm always on the hunt for more coloured contacts for cosplay :D

  2. i like the pic where u have lashes on! stunning :D


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