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Biore UV Perfect Face Milk

I've let my skin become victim to the sun for years just because I didn't like the feeling of a heavy, oily slab of sunblock on my face. It's disgusting and I feel so uncomfortable. Also, it gives me all these ideas like the oil clogging my pores and making me break out =_= 

Then I found a sunblock that I actually LIKE using. This one has SPF50+ and PA+++!

The sunblock itself is liquidy and not the creamy greasy type. Hence, a small nozzle is needed so it's easier to control the amount.

It comes out a white liquid but once spread on skin, it feels powdery smooth. There is no greasy or sticky feel at all plus no noticeable smell =)

I know one concern about sunblocks is that it gives you a white cast. These photos were taken with flash. The sunblock does brighten my face but it's okay.. I prefer brightened over oily wok face. I feel that it evens out my skin slightly and covers the red parts too. Face is immediately more matte but not flaky or dry, unlike my previous YSL Matt Touch primer.

The oil control of this sunblock is just awesome! It keeps my face shine free for a maximum of 9 hours. This is very good considering the fact that my face oils up in an hour or two normally. Most days, depending on the weather and humidity, it lasts 6-8 hours. Check it out.. No shiny nose and T zone ^_^

Actually this sunblock contains alcohol, like many other oil controlling sunblocks. Alcohol is drying so I make sure to apply lots of moisturizing skincare before it. So far, I have not experienced any skin irritations after using it for about a month.

Size : 30 ml
Price : RM 20+
Bought from : Pharmacies
Made in Japan

Pros : Mattifying, very good oil control (up to 9 hours), good sun protection (for indoors), cheap, not greasy/sticky, no scent, doesn't cause flaking, brightening
Cons : Contains alcohol

My conclusion : I've never used a product that could tame my oily skin this well before ^_^ As a makeup base, this is a must for me! I even use it at night just for it's oil control. Gonna repurchase!!!


  1. lol. im exactly like you, I do not like to use sunblock on my face for the same reason. but I notice of late that my skin have been drier and it’s only on my right cheeks area. so i concluded that its from the sunrays while im driving.

    think I need to slab on sunblocks from now on or suffer the consequences :( thanks for the review :)

  2. Gah-- another sticky sunblock hater, here. Instead of a good sunblock, I've just been using moisturizers and foundation with higher SPF, actually. >.>

    But Biore is an awesome brand--with, apparently, an awesome sunblock, so this might be my first sunblock purchase. : D Thanks for the review~!

  3. I love this sunscreen too, nothing can beat this in term of product quality and price. Clarins formula is better, but the price is like RM140! Too expensive, because it's only 30ml. I used the Biore sunscreen during trip to KK, snorkelling and hiking at Bako National Park...I managed to avoid sunburn. I'm testing it out further before crowning it as true HG product.

  4. @ Kathlynn
    Oh gosh! I never thought of that.. But usually, my left cheek is worse with blemishes and all while my right cheek is more stable lol

    @ Noxin
    None of my moisturizers have SPF in them.. I'm actually not using this because of the spf but for the oil controlling properties xD

    @ Pepper
    Yeah.. I tried the clarins one at the counter and it's not bad. Brightened my skin as well. Not sure about the oil control though. Did the alcohol dry up your skin?

  5. It did dried up my skin, and I think that's where Clarins beats Biore. Clarins actually doesn't dried up my skin at all. It makes my skin dewy actually. But like you said, just put on more moisturizer.

  6. Dewy doesn't seem like something I want since my face WILL look dewy in a few hours hahhaa.. My face oils up in an hour or two so oil control products are a must x.x

  7. I'm so gonna try this!! Hope this will be my HG sunscreen~ XD

  8. I just bought this today, and after reading all the great reviews about this product, I think I've made the right choice! XD I have oily T-zone too, so this will be perfect. Thanks for the review!

  9. Hope it works well for you! ^_^


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