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March Giveaways

Wow March is here already. Time sure flies.. o_O Sorry if I don't blog much for now. Comp got a virus so I can't turn it on and all my files are in there T_T No Photoshop to edit new pics either so they've just been collecting in the camera's memory card =_=

Anyway, here's a giveaway by the lovely Adrienne who has just changed her blog name.
Ends : 1st April

*Malaysians only
Link :
Ends : 9th March

Link :
Ends : 30th March

Link :
Ends : 3rd April

Link :
Ends: 15th April

Link :
Ends : 14th April

Link :
Ends : 31st March

Link :
Ends : 24th April

Link :
Ends : 15th April

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