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A Special Present For Your Partner

I like this picture! It's so cute and fun and colourful and.. what is it, exactly?

Read on to find out! =)

**Content may be inappropriate for younger readers =x

I know some people buy their girlfriend presents every month for their monthly anniversary (a little too frequent IMO.. but your choice). After some time, they're probably already running out of ideas. The teddy bears, flowers, jewelry and lingerie are getting old. Why not get something that both of you can benefit from? *hint hint* Also, this doesn't necessarily have to be a present for a girl. Girls can give this to their partners as well =P

Introducing... Candy Bra!

It's a bra made from about 515 pieces of Switzerland fruit flavoured candy. Absolutely edible! The candy is like M&M's as it 'melts in your mouth, not in your hand'. No further explanation needed for this =x For those on diet, fret not as this contains a mere amount of 20 calories. You'll work them off in no time..

I think this would be perfect for newlyweds (combat the shyness on the first night by adding an element of fun~), wedding anniversaries, Valentines (it's coming soon!) or just to add some passion to your love life. This is the first time I'm seeing this in Malaysia and with the convenience of online shopping, you don't have to feel shy about purchasing these. A Candy Bra is just a few clicks away =)

It's packed in a small box so you can sneak one in your bag and surprise your partner with it.

Want to get one? Head on to Weariton to find out more! They are a candy underwear wholesaler located in Malaysia so you can even opt to be a reseller.

Contact details :
Email :
Phone number : +60 166432337 (sms support) 

They're currently offering free delivery and if you buy a pair, it will be cheaper.


  1. candy slips exist too XD (never had them, but seen!)

  2. hahaha..XD that is ODD! I remember something similar to this when I was a kid..(no no, doesn't have anything to do with THAT! =P) If i'm not mistaken, candy necklaces were pretty popular back then..XD They're delicious too!
    Judging from the first picture, there's no way I would have guessed that it's a candy bra! haha

  3. LOL I don't recall any candy necklaces when I was younger. And I was a candy freak back then xD

  4. I've seen chocolate ones too lol. I thought the first picture was of a thong lmao.

  5. Now that you mention it.. It DOES look like a thong xD


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