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Worthy Book : The Book For Everyone

A few days ago, someone gave me the opportunity to have more than RM 18 000 worth of goodies, discounts and offers in a single book. It intrigued my curiosity, of course. I stopped by KL Sentral on the way to KLCC (for Kiehl's Christmas Party) to pick up my copy from a guy in white shirt.

If you're reading this, sorry for the awkward moment and cos I didn't even get your name T_T

It's MIIIIIIIIINNEEE!! I was so excited I started looking through it the moment I got on the LRT. The lady next to me was leaning in to peep at the pages too! O_O That's rude man.. But it's okay.. Good deals are meant to be shared!

Some loose vouchers and a sample of Magicboo were included.

Sorry words aren't really readable but can you spot your favourite brand or shop? =) I see mine!

Most of the brands offer 5 vouchers although some have more, which can be used to redeem freebies (with/without purchase) or discounts. There's also a page next to the vouchers which introduces the brand or shop. I love the fact that the shop's locations and contacts are included so it's easier for us to contact them.

There's bound to be something for everyone in this book.. It's only RM 35 so it's quite a deal, especially if you frequent the places involved.

For the food lovers : 50% off is biiig! And this is just ONE of the many food outlets offering discounts to Worthy Book owners. There's Western, Thai, Italian, Chinese and much more.

For the erm.. Young and lively lol : Discounts at places like Luna Bar, Quattro, The Opera and others.

For the newlyweds / retirees : There are some hotel and travel vouchers inside as well, which may come in handy for a vacation or honeymoon.

For the short / long sighted / fashionable : I'm eye-ing (no pun intended >_<) this voucher as I seriously need new glasses! It's expiring end of this month though.

For the bookworms : Don't be sad if there isn't a discount for your book. With this voucher, you can get a 10% discount (assuming your book is exactly RM 50 lol) on ANY book you want (provided that it isn't already on discount).

For the animal lovers : There's also something for your beloved pets!

For the girls (or guys..) : One of the good deals! I have not called to confirm (I won't be going since I think it's for slimming >_<) but the T&C doesn't say that you need to purchase anything to be eligible.

This book isn't all about vouchers.. There's also a page on global warming (and how to prevent it!) & the National Kidney Foundation. RM 2 from every sale of Worthy Book goes to NKF so not only are you saving money but you're also donating to charity.

After some examining, I found a mistake in the book lol Look at Mr Tom Yam's voucher. If you cut out the voucher, the back and front wont be the same x_x One side will be Mr Tom Yam while the other is Good Evening Bangkok. Not a big problem though. Just hope they still accept the voucher like that lol

It's a MUST to read the T&C carefully before you use the vouchers. Saw the 4th voucher, for the complimentary healthy body treatment and got excited.

Until... I read the T&C at the back *disappointed* Each voucher has their own T&C.

Okay, so there are some vouchers I won't use.. But imagine all the other offers available in this thick book! (It's 1 cm thick) I can't wait to use them. Will update you girls when I do!

Price : RM 35
Size : 20.3 x 13.8 cm (Fits in your bag!)
Email :
Telephone : 03 - 2264 3115
Address : Worthy Media Sdn Bhd Parcel No 2A-13-2, Plaza Sentral - Phase II, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Website :
Facebook :

If you're interested on getting a copy, mention my blog, "Sugar Coated Muffin", and enjoy a 30% discount!

Hurry as the vouchers have an expiry date! Even if you don't want to use the vouchers, it makes a good present =)

* Worthy Book was given to me for free for review purposes

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