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Kiehl's Christmas Party

Summary : Lotsa food, interesting drinks, cute guys and surrounded by all the Kiehl's products. I must admit, it was quite a small venue (especially since it was meant to house 100 people) but we managed to squeeze in there lol

Check out the food.. Lol brownies, cheesecake, pizza, chicken from cold storage, and lots more.

The 'Kiehl's boys' were giving out cotton candy at the entrance. Every guest was given a name tag and a santa hat. Yay for the Christmas spirit! Balloon doggies were also given out.

Nadia from Kiehl's welcomed everyone to the party, introduced the brand and told the story of Jeff Koons who was separated from his son and failed to get him back.

Taken from Kiehl's website :

We are pleased to announce a collaboration with one of the foremost internationally recognized contemporary artists, Jeff Koons who is using his  creative genius to help children in need around the world. With the shared vision of creating safer, more sustainable environments for children, the Kiehl’s and KOONS partnership will raise awareness and funds through the sale of the Limited Edition Creme de Corps Holiday Collection, a four-product collection featuring the newest formulation, Creme de Corps Whipped Body Butter.

100% of Kiehl’s net profits from the sale of each product will benefit The Koons Family Institute, an initiative of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC).

There was a balloon puppy making competition to start the party. Whoever who could make a balloon doggy the fastest would win a Kiehl's goodie. Nadia is so cute btw.. lol

One of the 'leng chais' gave a demonstration while the chosen 5 tried to copy him. There were some funny outcomes like a giraffe. Lol

We had some interesting drinks served in test tubes. It was a cool idea but portion was so tiny, we grabbed enough to blast a Chemistry lab or something. The best tasting ones were the off white and reddish pink, IMO

We also took the opportunity to get some shots with the lovely Christmas decoration at KLCC.

Goodies! I have an extra conditioner cos Nicole didn't want hers lol

FOTD : Usual look..

OOTD : A little different from what I would usually wear. My parents just complained to me yesterday that I'm too thin and I eat too little. Gosh.. They should see how I eat when I'm out >_<

As I mentioned yesterday, I got my Worthy Book~~ Bad pic though >_<

I hope all of you will have a very Merry Christmas! ^^


  1. i could have won the doggie balloon! did it for my bday last year XD bought a packet.. put for guests to play.. hohhohoho i practice a bit.. maybe won't look like dog.. look like sausage! hahaha

  2. so who won the doggie ballon thingy? Aih I was stucked in traffic and missed so many fun things...

  3. I don't know who won the contest.. It wasn't someone I knew lol


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