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SCM's First Giveaway

 No particular reason for a giveaway but I'm just in a giveaway mood lol


2. Dress or top. XS-M sizes so tell me your size, mostly sleeveless (either tube or halter) and free size. Sorry, I don't have any L sized ones unless you don't mind shorts.
4. Clincher (sorry, the metal part is slightly scratched but new)
5. A sponge which you can use to put on foundation, remove make up etc
6. A powder puff
7. Supre Mega Shine Lipgloss in Strawberry
8. NYX Sheer Gloss in Juicy
9. TruColors Shimmery Lipglosses in Sweetheart Pink, Crystal Sparkle & Salsa Sizzle
10. Sample sized Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion
When more people join my giveaway, the number of items in the prize will increase as well
  • Sample of Cyleina Kojic soap
  • Sample of Cyleina Rice Bran soap
  • Sample of Cyleina Strawberry soap
  • Sample of B&B Placenta soap
  • Sample of B&B Acapulko soap
  • Sample of NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in jar
  • Random accessory
  • Random top
  • Random skirt
  • Clutch
  • More to be added if a lot of people join
I know I will not get many entries because of my current measly 9 followers but still a big thank you to you girls because seeing you there really makes me happy and motivates me to blog =)

1. You must be a follower
2. Open internationally
3. Your blog must not be made only to join giveaways 
4. Picture must be original (not copied from someone else)
5. You are comfortable with me using/displaying your picture on my blog

Entry details
I'll need the following information :
  • Email address : 
  • Size : (please refer to the chart below)
  • Where did you find out about my giveaway? : (leave link or name)
  • Country : 
For extra entries,
1. Put my giveaway on your sidebar, including the picture and link (+1)
2. Post about my giveaway on your blog, with the pic and link (+2)
3. Draw me a picture of a muffin by hand or computer (+2)
*If you have a blog you can just upload it in your post. If you don't, e-mail me your picture to 

For size reference :

Giveaway ends on the 14th of September

Good luck! =)


  1. Email address : krystal206(at)
    Size : 6/8 (will confirm later)
    Where did you find out about my giveaway? : Found your blog through lowyat and then saw it. :)
    Country : Malaysia!

    I have placed your giveaway at the side on my blog@


    I have also did a post about it@


    I have also drawn a muffin@


  2. nice giveaway!! :D
    will Join and help promote this! :D

  3. Hi meipinggg,
    Thanks for joining ^^ Don't worry about being 6 or 8. The clothes are free size and can fit both. Btw, what's your LYN name?

    Thx ipehishere, looking forward to your entry ^^

  4. Hello! :)

    My LYN name is meipinggg. :) The one that asked for your hairsticks. ;P The cobra and the wooden one. :)

  5. Oh yeeeeah! No wonder so familiar. Sorry, I have pretty bad memory x.x

  6. Hello! I wan to enter! I have signed up for your updates on FeedBurner and email you as well.

  7. Hi Isabel!

    I'm a new follower, I found your blog through Bailey's blog:

    Please enter me!

    My email adress is

    Size: 6

    I found out about your giveaway through Bailey's blog:

    I live in Canada.

    Extra entries:

    1. I put your giveaway in my sidebar:

    2. I blogged about your giveaway:

    3. And I have drawn a picture of a muffin (it's in my giveaways post :

    Thank you!

  8. Hi! My email is anuroininen at hotmail dot com
    I don't remember how I wound your blog,sorry!
    I'm from Finland :)

  9. Thank you Gaby & Anur for participating =) Stay tuned for the results!

  10. cute giveaway!


    Size Medium

    I heard about this giveaway by following and visiting your blog!

    Country: USA Los Angeles, CA

    Size Small
    By browsing your lovely blog after you commented on mine! :)

    Lovely Giveaway! :) xxx

  12. Hello xx xox xx
    * Email address :
    * Size : M
    * Where did you find out about my giveaway? Gaby's beauty Blog xx
    * Country : uk


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Email address :
    Size : Small
    Where did you find out about my giveaway: I'm not entirely sure, but I think Gaby's Beauty Blog
    Country : United States

    I also blogged + drew a picture of a muffin!

  15. Oh my, I just realised that I recorded the wrong date and the giveaway is actually ending on the 14th, not 12th. Sorry!


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