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[Health] The Pros and Cons of Protein Shakes

We all have that one friend who drinks so much protein shake, you wonder if he ever eats.
They are a great tool for losing weight and building lean muscle. However, you need to incorporate protein shakes into your healthy diet and exercise plan to get the best results. Discover more info about shakes with Health Shakes Reviews.
Don’t expect to get results from just drinking protein shakes.

Pros of Protein Shakes:

1) Easy Weight Management

Many studies have shown that there is evidence to suggest drinking protein shakes can help you lose weight. A medical journal article from a 2010 issue of “Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Review” showed the results from a study showing that obese subjects who ate a low-calorie diet including high-protein meal replacements lost more weight over the course of a year than the subjects who followed the diet but didn’t have the meal replacements. A protein shake will often contain less calories than a full meal. Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch said in an issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition from May 2008 that protein is the most satiating nutrient. This means that protein can be used to keep you feeling fuller for longer than carbs or fats can. You can also view some of the best protein powders for women - visit site here.

2) Protein Shakes Are Convenient

Drinking a protein shake will almost always be faster, and more convenient than preparing and cooking a balanced meal. It’s also healthier to have a protein shake rather than skip a meal or replace your meal with a quicker, less nutritious alternative such as calling up a pizza place or heading to a fast food joint for a burger.

In fact, it's faster and easier than some of our most common 'fast food':
  • McDelivery
  • Pizza Hut
  • KFC Delivery
  • Heck, it's even faster than Maggi Mi!

If you want to keep the convenience of a protein shake but add some nutrition then have some fruit or a whole grain snack alongside your shake.

Cons of Protein Shakes:

1) Nutrition Loss

On a nutritional level many protein shakes can’t hold a candle to a regular complete meal. Eating a serving of whole grains, including rice and bread, along with some vegetables or fruits and a piece of lean meat can provide you with proper levels of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as well as plenty of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. On the other hand a protein shake made using a quarter of a cup of protein powder and water is much less balanced. That protein mix will give you 20 grams of protein, 7.5 grams of fat, and 8 grams of carbs. Shakes also don’t have the same amount of antioxidants and phytonutrients you can get from fruits and vegetables.

2) Limitations

Another big con of protein shakes is how limited they are in terms of what they can do for your health and your body. Even with a protein shake you can’t lose weight without also reducing your calorie intake. Nor will you tone your muscles without doing strength exercises.
You can't be lazy. There are no shortcuts.
If you want to use protein shakes for health then they should be used as part of your comprehensive plan designed and approved by a physician to help you reach your fitness and weight goals and maintain them in the long term.

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  1. I take protein shake every morning and its really good , gives you energy and helps me get into the shape , just make sure you workout a little everyday


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