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How to Detect Scammers on Dating Services: Five-Step Methodology

There seems to be a bad perception about meeting people online. I don't really tell everyone but le Bf and I met online and we're together for over 5 years now.
However, the chances of meeting a scammer are, unfortunately, much higher than you imagine. A collaboration with a popular dating site in Russia created a five-step guide to detecting criminals on dating services. Be vigilant!

#1 Check her profile page

Scammers have rather recognisable personal pages. You will rarely find any meaningful information aside from location, age, and body measurements (which are often close to perfection). You see, decent girls that look for husbands and mates on dating sites fill out their pages properly to multiply their chances of finding the right man (moreover, their personalities are always felt in things they say on the profile page). Scammers’ profiles look empty and average.

#2 Inspect her photographs diligently

Most scammers use photos they find on random sites. They often depict models of just beautiful girls. Since these photos are downloaded, they have, in most cases, low resolution and bad quality. They also lack personality and look like… well, like what they really are – random images from random photoshoots. If you feel suspicious about a girl, you can use Google Images to search if this photo is used elsewhere. If you find her photos used in numerous dating profiles with different names, you know something's wrong.

#3 What about your conversations?

Scammers use the same communicative patterns. They are initiative, emotional, intrusive, and not selective. In fact, they often used pre-written messages they just send inserting your name in the context. Sad confessions about poor and terribly ill relatives in the second hour of you texting is a sure sign of a scammer.

#4 Are feelings escalating quickly?

Scammers text with many people simultaneously – they don’t have enough time to focus their attention on one person per time. Therefore, they do their best to intensify conversations and build emotional attachment as soon as possible. Logically, no person would suddenly say they love you after knowing you for 2 days.
Love at first sight?
Naww.. Let's be realistic here.

#5 Check informational mismatches

Every scammer has his or her legend, which they repeat every time they find a new victim. Not all of them are thoughtful enough (fortunately) to create a perfect plot. If you notice any mismatches or obvious lies (like different cities on the profile page and in messages), start being cautious.

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