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RM 13 Dresses!

Hope the title got your attention because WTF RM 13 for a dress is too darn cheap!

What is this website about? Basically they sell clothes for discounted prices.. There are a lot of branded clothes, shoes, bags and accessories but I'm obviously more attracted to this specific deal by Cocolatte.

Why? Because when you click inside you will see these prices. And these are for the pack sales means you pay that amount for 2 or 3 pieces!

If you only want one piece, they sell single pieces as well with equally cheap prices. Don't look like low quality ones either..

And hello.. This is my referral link lolol

If you duwan to use also nvm =( I'll just be sad..

* This post is not sponsored. I just think the prices are too low to be missed!


  1. I used to stalk MySale last time because their prices darn cheap, but then I realized that the shipping fee is pretty high, and i don't have a credit card.... lol *hides in corner*

  2. Yea flat rate.. So must buy more to make it seem worth it LOL Or share postage..

  3. i enter but, erm, i dint see the words/button - "packs sale" :((( weird

  4. Once you register, click on Shop or Women then search for "Cocolatte Packs Sale" or try to find the picture. It's still there!

  5. I clicked on your referral link okay???

    But hey I can't find this Cocolatte Packs Sale thing... :(

  6. You very sad lor.. Sale ended already.. hahaha


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