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Desserting with Worthy Book

One very hot day, my Worthy Book & I headed to Times Square and we dropped by Gelatomio for a cool treat.

Le bf had his heart set on Rum & Raisin but look at all these! I couldn't decide at all.. I wanted Double Chocolate but at the same time, I craved for Black Sesame. Then my eyes dashed over to Mint too.

In the end, we settled for 2 scoops of Rum & Raisin plus 2 scoops of Black Sesame xD With the voucher, we got 4 scoops instead of 3! If you're really fickle minded like me, you get to taste one more extra flavour with this voucher ^_^

On another hot day, I also managed to get my favourite Ochado drink with a discount. Grape Yogurt with aloe vera and shiro ball!

Worthy Book is filled with discount vouchers. If you like to eat out, it's a good investment (this is the food edition)! Plus it answers your question "What to eat?" - simply flip open the booklet and see what kind of restaurants are available in your area. It's small enough to be in my bag too so I carry it around =)

The current booklet is expiring end of March so make sure you keep your eyes on their Facebook page to see when the next edition is coming out!

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  1. Looks yummmz! And oh, I tried Ochado when I was in Melaka! I love itttt. So yummy.


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