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My Beauty Diary Lemon Vit-C Mask

Grabbed this at a booth in my college. It was by Eternal Beauty ( who apparently is the distributor in Malaysia so it's 100% authentic.

I was about to purchase the Black Pearl one but the girl said this is the new variant which also functions to brighten skin. I've had good experiences with MBD in the past so I decided to give it a shot!

As usual, inside each box you will find 10 pieces of masks. After diving the price, it's about RM 4 per sheet. Honestly, I didn't find the packaging to be that appealing compared to some others.

Sheet is just like the previous ones; thin, moisturizing, doesn't slide off and good fit.

It's a good mask but still can't beat my favs!
Ingredients :

Size : 23 ml
Made in Taiwan


  1. This looks like a nice mask too~ Honestly, MBD has never let me down. xD

  2. There were a few that I wasn't quite impressed with but the hydrating ones are generally good!

  3. Yep.. Still my favourite out of all the variants!

  4. New MBD mask?! AHhhh I need to get it! *_*
    I also liked Black Pearl before too. They tend to always do what they claim. ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. There are 2 others as well! Caviar and Cactus I think ^^

  6. which MBD mask among all u used works the best for whitening

  7. Probably Black Pearl & Bulgarian White Rose =)

  8. how about the lemon vit c mask??? does it whitens ur face?

  9. how about the lemon vit c mask?? it doesn't whitens ur face?? i heard that white pearl mask and arbutin mask are also good for whitening, do u try it before?

  10. Don't think it's as effective although it's possible I haven't exactly used it long enough to see results.

  11. I hated the heavy perfume smell of the pearl mask and have not tried arbutin


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