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Looking for a Part Time Job?

Sometimes I'm given the task of looking for part timers for events and it is just absurd how many girls do so many mistakes.

#1 most annoying one and I KNOW many employers would agree. You post details on Facebook and someone comments under it with 'PM'. Like WHY would I as your possible employer PM YOU for details that you want? Can't you PM me instead with your question? This shows just how much I should NOT hire you.

#2 I know not everyone has studio photos but please try not to send in photos taken in the toilet (especially if the toilet is visible in the photo). Also applies to ANY other photos. Take a look at the background before submitting it. One photo had her friend ducking her head searching behind the car seat for something.

#3 Full length photos are meant for us to see your overall body size/shape. It doesn't count if you're lying on the floor and taking a photo of yourself using the mirror (I hope my picture makes sense LOL). Even though I see your head and feet, I can't exactly see your body, can I?

#4 Group photos are a big no-no. Once, this girl sent in her class photo and I was supposed to spot her among all her classmates *facepalm*

#5 Photos smaller than 200 px are obviously too small to see shit. A girl actually sent in a full length photo of herself that was so tiny, I can't even see her face.

#6 No 'purikura' photos! Those edited with your phone app with lots of words and stickers everywhere. No. Especially if you're showing me a duck face.

#7 Don't send in your profile as an attachment as we would then have to download everybody's profiles and it gets messy.

Alright.. Rant over. Please don't make me puke blood over your profiles again.


  1. LMAO this post made me lol. Hahahah the meme.. I actually didn't know what pose you were talking about.. Lying on the floor and using the mirror... HUH? Then I saw a photo... OH. LOL!

  2. xD Glad you understood me! Couldn't exactly post the real girl's photo, could I? =/

  3. *face palm* Ugh. People are such idiots when it comes to job offers. -_-

    Hopefully *some* folks are more about intelligent about the process? Right? ....right??


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