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DIY Lotion Mask

There are several reasons why I like lotions. Not body lotions, mind you.. I'm talking about the Asian version of toners. They're usually the first step after cleanser to prep your skin for the other skincare after it.

In contrast with toners, many lotions aim to hydrate and they're less harsh on skin. There are also different ways to apply it like patting in, using a cotton pad or massaging it in until it's absorbed. However, did you know you can also use lotions as masks?

I still have a bottle of Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion but I don't use it anymore. Since I was bored of my facial masks, I decided to use it as a mask cos their masks are pricey and I'm kiamsiap.

First method is using pill/compressed masks from Sasa. You can find these at Daiso & online too.

Hard to believe a whole facial mask is packed in there.

Small KFC containers are really useful. I think I used about 5-10 ml of the lotion. Just keep adding until there is leftover liquid.

Open it up and apply like a normal mask! Btw, this pill mask is slightly more pricey so the quality is better. The cheap ones are thicker & tend to dry faster.

As usual, pat in any extra essence to help it absorb.
(Is it me or does my hand look strangely long here o.O)

Hello, hydrated skin! ^_^

Another way would be to soak cotton pads and place them all over your face. Cotton pads are easier to find but you would have to use many pieces and they may fall off.

** After several comments, I thought I should make it clear (or in this case, not clear lol) that my camera is usually set on e-portrait mode which makes skin smoother & is meant to hide blemishes, scars & imperfections. My skin is NOT flawless. I have pimples & scars & pigmentations


  1. I bought a bunch of these not too long ago too :3 I should use them and make loads of diy masks now ^^

  2. Oh,  why don't you use it anymore? That's my HG product for moisture.
    I've seen that mask idea around and have always wanted to try it, but I have so many sheet masks to go  through I'll leave that for another time hehe

  3. Actually, it's because of the camera settings lolz

  4. It's not moisturizing enough for my skin anymore :( It used to be good when my skin was dehydrated. 1 drop was too much then. Now, even 5 drops is insufficient. Guess my skin got used to it. But I'm certain it did help balance my skin back then.

  5. Wow, your skin is amazing!! I would have to buy this from Sasa if I want to get my hands on it. Someday when I have extra moolah!!

  6. Camera was on e portrait mode :P It makes your skin smoother haha

  7. u have a super flawless skin ever!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^~

  8. nice, I am using it right now as toner, it was good. I will try to use with paper mask then.

  9. Hi Isabel! Thanks for commenting on my blog ;) nice blog you have here! And your skin is sooooo smooth!!! *envy*

  10. hehe, your kiamsiap comment was so funny!

    Amazing of sasa to come up with those compressed masks, and such a good idea to use the Hada Labo lotion. This I've got to try, especially seeing you amazing your skin is!

  11. I don't think Sasa was the first to produce these.. Not sure of it's origin. I could use it with any lotion as long as it's hydrating ^_^

    ** Skin condition improved by camera T_T My skin is not like that at all

  12. Really, it's just the camera. I swear.. haha.. Plus Photoshop & phone applications on other photos =x

  13. Oooo. I didn't even know there were compressed masks. :OOO That's so cool! Thanks for sharing~
    I wish my camera had a function like that. :'D Haha!

  14. Well, the same result can be obtained from using Photoshop haha

  15. Archana Shrestha11 March, 2012 13:12

    Shiny skin :D 
    no idea where m gonna fine the stuff that u r using ...............


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