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Wet N Wild Idol Eyes (Pixie)

I bought this, intending to use it as a 'UDPP Sin' =/ *cheapo*

Although it is shimmery, I doubt it's truly anywhere near it lol It does intensify the colour, acts as a base for eyeshadow to stick on and changes a matte shade to shimmer. However, I had a problem when I started rubbing the brown. As you can see, it's rather patchy and uneven. Perhaps I used too much base and it slided all over.

I sometimes use this alone on my eyelid and around the tear duct to brighten up the area. It also works as a highlighter for me. The product is not oily nor does it contain chunky glitters so it does look rather natural. I apply straight from the pencil then use my finger to spread and blend it.

I just don't like the fact that it's in a pencil form that needs to be sharpened =_=" And it's bigger than regular sized pencils too! I don't want to melt it into a pot since that kinda changed the texture of my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.

Size : 3.2 g
Price : Less than RM 10
Made in China

Pros : Intensifies eyeshadow, acts as base, makes matte eyeshadow shimmery, can be used as highlighter, not oily, cheap
Cons : Can make eyeshadow patchy, needs to be sharpened

My conclusion : Can't replace UDPP with this but it's definitely a cheaper alternative ^_^

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