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Giant Cheese Nuggets

Okay the title probably sounds weird lol..

With the recent 'RM 3 lunch trend'.. I thought I'll blog about one of my newly discovered favourite snacks which is priced at just 99 cents for a bag (60 g). About half of the bag is filled with this cheesy goodness.

Actually my dad's the one who first bought this. There's several other variants like green pea, prawn cracker and pizza flavour.

At less than RM 1, I wasn't expecting much from this but I actually like this a lot! It's crunchy, cheesy and super yummy ^_^ Much better than Cheezels, IMO.

A packet of seaweeds or potato chips can easily cost RM 3 or more these days =( So glad I can still enjoy snacks without breaking the bank.

I guess the bad part is I'll be eating more junk food and I'll gain weight! =/

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