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Sumo Onigiri @ Uptown

Dropped by Sumo Onigiri in Uptown for lunch one month ago.

Although the space isn't very big, they've managed to fit a number of 'bartop' seats at the front with the counter and kitchen.

Inside, you will find table seating with a clean and peaceful environment.

Yum! Food's here~

I got one onigiri with ebiko and one with salmon (cooked). They're pretty affordable at about RM 4 each.

Press the seaweed into a triangular shape only when you want to eat it to maintain it's crispiness.

The onigiris are mostly rice (the round fat Japanese kind) and are quite tasteless to me. There are a few chunks of tasty salmon inside but I found the ebiko one to be too bland. There was barely any ebiko nor mayonnaise.

Nicole's set. This was from one month ago so I don't really recall what this is.

Chawanmushi didn't really have a very egg-y taste but it was smooth and clear. Mashed potato had chunks of potato in it which is good! Means they used fresh potato instead of powder. I can't comment on the rest though.

They share the shop with Dai Wan Tea.

My Caramel Milk Tea was RM 4.90. I always order my drinks with normal sugar and ice level just to see what their 'normal' is. Unfortunately for me, the drink was way too sweet! Probably better if I had asked for 25% sugar instead. The caramel was sickeningly sweet and I couldn't finish it.

Haircut at Calipso again. She just seems to know what I want best. However, they can be pretty 'hard sale'.

After this experience, I am not sure if I want to return. It does feel like a very healthy place (since it's bland) but I would love to have more taste in my food.

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  1. I love eating onigiri ♥
    The food looks so yummy to me. Sad that it didn't seem to be that good in real. :/


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