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Thanks IACT for Wasting my Time

Today... I should be sitting in class; my first day in IACT College. But I'm not. Instead, I'm sitting at home, wondering where to go now that my plan has been utterly ruined.

I don't want to bore you so I'll summarize everything. Maybe someone's who's planning to take this course in the future will stumble upon this post while researching and know my experience.

  • I planned to take the NEW 3+0 Mass Communications degree course at IACT College.
  • Talked to someone (let's just call her Consultant) who said the first intake is in June 2011. Someone will contact me when the course is ready. Apparently, there's quite a good number of people who are interested.
  • Waited half a year for it but no phone call so I called them to discover that the intake has been postponed to November 2011 as they have not gotten full government approval.
  • Waited another half a year before being told that I needed IELTS as it is a pre equisite. It was almost Nov so I hurried along.
  • Paid RM 800 for IELTS.
  • Called to inform Consultant about my IELTS. "The Recruitment team will call you in an hour to discuss about your enrollment"
  • They only called the next day.
  • I was told by J from the Recruitment Team that I needed a Diploma in order to take the now 2+0 course. WTF?! Bear in mind that the college has all my details and they know I've only taken A-Levels since the start.
  • Frantically calls Consultant to clarify this matter. After several phone calls & exchange of angry words (just from me, actually), I was informed that only TWO PEOPLE signed up for this course so they cancelled the class. But of course.. I could wait for June 2011. I must be the world's biggest idiot if I do. The 2+0 course is still on though. Not like it's any help.
  • 1 year of my time and money wasted for nothing.
* What the recruitment team told me was very misleading.
* Consultant never confirmed with the recruitment team if the course is still on before telling me to take IELTS. According to her, the team never tells her anything. Great.. A college that doesn't communicate between it's departments.

Thanks IACT. Really. I'm glad I didn't spend 3 years in this stupid college before realizing the people behind it are total idiots.


  1. Oooh, calm down, girl, calm down.

    I just went to my little sister's college this morning because her college refused to issue her diploma certificate for more than half a year already even though our parents been calling non-stop that my sister requires and needs that certificate to get a job.

    Stupid people at stupid colleges sometimes don't understand what you're trying to tell because yeah, they are utterly stupid, what can I say? I talked to the director of the college this morning and he went, "Arhh... I'm not sure but I have posted your sister's certificate via Post Express last week."

    I went, "Come again?! Post Express? Her certificate is sent to Sarawak via Post Express?! Are you pulling my leg or what?"

    They don't even have convocation, that's the worst part of studying life!

    Luckily you've realized it early!

  2. WTH! Send a cert using Pos express?!?! @_@ It doesn't even require a signature from the receiver!

  3. oh dear. what a terrible college!


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