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Jordana Blush Powder

These cheap blushers were on sale so how could I resist? Initially wanted to get a few other colours like Coral Sandy Beach & Redwood but looking at my stash vs rate of using, 3 is more than enough lol Plus.. The shades look kinda the same on my cheeks anyway =/

The packaging looks cheap but I don't care.. It's the content that matters =) Don't judge a blusher by it's casing lol

Rouge - Pink, leaning towards red. Like this for it's healthy glow.
Touch of Pink - Looks orangey in the pot but it's just a milder version of Rouge. Gives a natural blush.
Sandalwood - Light pink colour that isn't very noticeable on me.

It's smooth, long lasting, natural looking and easy to blend. Pigmentation is not that great though. It's buildable up to a certain level.

When applied to my face, Rouge & Touch of Pink look very similar. Suspect a few other shades will not show much difference as well so don't bother buying similar shades.

I packed on the colour for the photos below since my camera really washes it out =/ There is no big difference between them on my cheeks =_=" Didn't even bother showing Sandalwood since you can't even see it in photos.

Product says :
Color-True Tints for Cheeks
Face Looks Youthful & Refreshed
Accentuates, Sculpts & Contours
Velvety-Smooth Formula Blends Easily
Size : 0.08 oz / 2.2 g
Price : RM 8.90 each
Bought from : Cherry Culture (through Lowyat.Net)
Made in USA

Pros : Cheap, smooth, long lasting, natural looking, easy to blend
Cons : Not much variety in the shades, not very pigmented

My conclusion : My fav out of the bunch is Touch of Pink because it's natural but sometimes I add Rouge to the apples of my cheek. In contrast, Sandalwood has not seen much sunlight due to it being too light for me =/ Doubt I'll purchase any of the other shades as they all look kinda similar.


  1. I like the natural product. It's smooth, long lasting, natural looking and easy to blend.So no doubt that this become popular very soon.........


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