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Trade In Program for New Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick

I remember lining up to get a free Max Factor mascara at MV. I'm not a morning person but it was worth it! Now they're giving you a free lipstick!

Location : Metrojaya South Court, Ground Floor, MidValley Megamall
Date : 21-23 October 2011 (which means tomorrow is the last day)

*Limited to 30 pcs per day
*1 lipstick per customer


  1. How generous! I remember a few years back Clinique had something similar. Bring in an old mascara and swap it for a brand new Clinique one!

  2. I think it's a great marketing strategy.. but imagine the disappointment of the 31st person =/

  3. Aw man. Jealous~. ; _ ;

    That's so exciting, though, the offer. :]

  4. Yup.. There should have been a bee line since 9+ am lol


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