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Coastal Scents African Black Soap

I've been curious about this ugly brown lump that looks like fruit cake since Alice posted it up. Like no way am I using that on my skin! I just can't imagine how soap could look like that. But in the end.. Curiousity got me and I bought a sample =_=

Tell me this doesn't look like fruit cake.. Lol

Product says : Coastal Scents black soap is the original thing! It is imported from Ghana where it is hand pressed and processed by women in a small village in Ghana. It contains no scents, preservatives OR chemicals.

For centuries, Ghanaians have used Black Soap to help relieve acne, oily skin, clear blemishes and various other skin issues. It is known to help with skin irritations and conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis as well. African Black soap has also been used to achieve beautiful skin. Africans have also used this natural soap for bathing and washing their hair. It’s excellent for removing make-up too! Black Soap will leave your skin soft and clear.
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Look at all the benefits of this soap! Unfortunately, my small sample was insufficient to test if they're true. However, I can say that it wasn't drying on my skin and smelt earthy. Even though it was a 10g sample, it melted really fast and turned super soft =/ By day 3, it was all  gummy and bendable even when dry.

"African black soap should not be exposed to excess water and stored in a cool dry place. African black soap is soft and has a very high content of natural glycerin. Because of its natural glycerin rich content it absorbs moisture from the air and becomes softer if not stored in a cool dry place or in a sealed polythene bags."

It lathers up okay and is just like any other soap. Even though there's like a lot of brown spots and whatever, it's not rough. In fact, it's really smooth and feels like just coloured soap.

Ingredients : Cocos nucifera(Coconut Oil),butyrospermum parkii,(Raw Shea butter), Cocoa Pod ash, Aqua(Water), Elaeis guineensis (Palm Kernel Oil)
Size : 100 g
Price : RM 70
Bought from : BubblezShoppe
Made in Ghana

Pros : Not drying
Cons : Melts easily, pricey

My conclusion : Because it melts easily, I find the price to be a bit pricey and that will probably prevent me from repurchasing it. However, if the claims are true, it's worth it!


  1. I've been curious about this soap too! XD It does look like fruit cake though..wouldn't it be awesome if it smells like one too! hahaha.. Thanks for the review ^^

  2. Oh wow I immediately thought it was a little packaged cake! haha naw that's too bad that it melts so fast!!!!

  3. ...looking at it made me hungry. >.> Haha.

    It's unfortunate that it melted down so quickly. o.o And it's pretty cool that it's made by hand, too. C: All natural~

  4. Isabel, all organic/natural soaps melt easily because they are not NaOH based. If it doesn't melt, it has chemicals in it

    My friend's mom makes these natural soaps at home, and puts in whatever you want her to put.

    Her instructions are very clear on how to keep the soap from melting. When you are not using it, you need to keep it away from water and heat. I keep mine in a closed soap travel case like this one:

    if you keep it out of water and heat, it will last almost forever

    I buy from her in 1kg bars, then I cut it in 3x2x5 chunks.

    I bought it in october and used only 2 chunks till now, and I only threw them away because the herbs were becoming proeminent out of the glycerin and I did not like how it felt.

    I got myself a passion fruit + mentol one that mildly freshens the skin(Smels like musk or some other fresh male scent, yummm), one made out of pineapple and menthol that REALLY cools out the skin in a black halls sort of way (This is nice for it gets unbearably hot in the summer, smells like fresh green with a pint of herbs) and my favorite, this was personalized: has Olive oil, propolis, calendula and a blend of other soothing herbs. This one smells like honey and makes my skin feel MOST hydrated

    She has other awesome blends, like goat milh (strongly hidrating) ylan ylang, rue and stuff, besides the clay soaps that help a lot with acne...

  5. Thanks for the info LIV ^_^ Yes, I did notice that the soaps melt fast but this was the fastest among all the samples I got from Alice. If I buy this again, I'm gonna be super careful with it lol

    The menthol one sounds great btw! Weather here is crazily HOT =_=

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