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A Trip to the Hospital

So I was visiting someone at the hospital. I wanted to look presentable yet not too overdone as it was a hospital after all. Bare face (I don't know why my face is so red) :

After moisturizer, I concealed my undereye circles. All these late nights are baaaad. I hate it that concealers turn cakey like that. I didn't really conceal 100% as it will look really dry and cakey.

I applied the Elf HD Powder all over using the puff. This helps absorb the oilies as I don't think I'll be blotting or touching up my makeup in the hospital. People so sick, you still wanna be pretty? >.< I always apply this before anything else as it's a white powder. No, it isn't translucent and can be visible on darker skintones like mine. Good thing was, it kinda reduced the redness. Sorry for all the camwhoring with the products. There wasn't a decent platform or table for them =/

After that, I used the Elf Studio Kabuki (it's so soft!) to apply the MAC Studio Fix loose powder in NC20 (or something like that). Sorry if I didn't get the name right. I don't own anything from MAC and this was a free gift along with some mascaras I bought. I thought I'm at least NC 25 but turns out, NC 20 looked just fine and it matched my neck. I don't know why but my face is darker than the rest of my body. This powder kinda melts on my face and the finish is so beautiful. No wonder so many girls like MAC. I'll keep it in mind when I start working.

Then a little pink blush to brighten up my face (Elf Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy).

It was a little flat and boring so I topped it with the Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance. Both applied using the Elf Studio Blush Brush.

Lmao, I don't think you can even see the difference but here's a close up to show the shimmer. Ze pores!! >_<

I kept my eyes simple, a natural slightly shimmery brown around my eyes, a little white near the tear ducts and no liner. Then I curled my lashes and wore Majorlica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing over it. I don't know if this has dried (bought it from someone else cos I'm too poor to buy an RM40 mascara to try out) or it's like that but I love it for natural looks. It has fibers in it that can sometimes fall into my eye, especially if I apply this too near the roots. Actually, two fell into my right eye today. It darkened my lashes, making them appear a little darker and longer. One thing I like about MM mascaras is that my lashes are so super soft yet it still holds the curl. However, bits of this drops onto my face and by night, I can see at least 3 on my cheek (you can actually see them in tomorrow's post). Overall, I think their mascaras are worth investing in.

I wanted to wear a nude lippie today but because the Revlon Soft Nude is kinda dry, I applied the NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Copacabana beneath it. It turned out pretty good. Finished look :

I think curling + mascara makes a world of a difference for me, even though my lashes are still almost invisible. It really opens my eyes as my lashes naturally droop.

After 4 hours,

Ew! That's how oily my face is. No touch ups whatsoever. The weather was so hot today. Erk.. I hate my face =( But check out the lashes! They're still curled and fluttery. Having second thoughts about posting this photo >.<


  1. I like the look..=)Very simple and natural~!
    Amyway, I think I've bought from the same seller as you! (I mean the mascara u bought) since I got a MAC fix powder too in NC20! But its waaaay too light for me so I gave it to my sister.
    I hear u on the weather..It is REALLY HOT here..>__<

  2. LOL! Really? I didn't realise she gave me the baggie then I terus cut into the pos express envelope and cut a hole in it =x

  3. I've always wanted to try the elf HD powder.. I wonder what the difference is between that one and the one from MUFE.. let me know what you think. This goes to show that budget makeup can still help you pull off a flawless look =)

  4. Sorry! I don't have the MUFE one so I can't compare =( I heard that the MUFE's is finer but IMO, the Elf's is already very very fine. I seriously can see powder flying everywhere sometimes. I guess the reason it's so much cheaper is because they don't advertise at all.


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