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Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose

I was a little wary about sniffing this since many perfumes send me into a sneezing frenzy. However, the sweet berry scent, combined with a light floral touch captivated me. It smelt delicious..

Mega plus points for having such a lovely bottle! It's like a love potion.

One drop will have the men at your heels.

This radiant jewel, scintillating with multiple reflections, is dressed in a delicate and voluptuous gradation of powdery pink to violet. At its neck, a nighttime rose with satiny purple petals has just blossomed under the diamond-cut cap. A precious rose symbolizing passionate love.

The lovely Emma Watson, style icon of many young girls and women in this world is the face of Tresor Midnight Rose. The new Lancome ambassadress was born in Paris and is described as a unique & fresh beauty. She's graceful, radiant, passionate and all things nice.

The whole promotion area was decked in romantic purple, wispy curtains and dim lighting. Love was in the air.. Or it was just the scent of Tresor Midnight Rose.

Like a mouth-watering candied apple, Tresor Midnight Rose could be a crisp, sweet "candied rose of love", fruit of an unexpected encounter. From the very first moment, it's love at first sight between deep, intense rose absolute and vibrant, bold raspberry.
The caress of jasmine and peony meets fresh blackcurrant bud absolute and intense pink pepper. 

For the final touch of seduction, the drydown - Virginia cedar essence, vanilla and musk - warms up the floral notes in an absolutely addictive and modern trail.

I like how Tresor Midnight Rose smelt and it was quite long lasting on me. Guess the sweet tooth in me is naturally attracted to sweet perfumes as well xD One spritz of this makes me feel flirty & young.

wait a minute.. I AM young =_=

There were also bottles of Tresor In Love which smelt lighter and more fruity compared to Midnight Rose.

Sorry I'm bad at describing scents. However, you can head down to MV to catch a whiff of both Tresor fragrances. The Lancome BAs are ready to give you a skin analysis too. You can also redeem free sample vials of Midnight Rose and others, including a makeover & photography session.

Lancome makeup artists giving Fatin & Tammy a makeover to match the new Tresor Midnight Rose!

Don't they look lovely? I think it's sexy & suits the fragrance.

We had the chance to check out Lancome's Hypnose Baby Doll Eyes mascara which is going to be launched soon. The results on Fatin's eyes are amazing! So many 'ooh's and 'ahh's when the mascara was being applied.

Me with Fatin & Tammy at the Lancome promotional area, LG Centre Court, Mid Valley.

I loved her purple dress so much, I asked for a photo of her xD

Tresor Midnight Rose is available in two sizes : 50 ml (RM 205) & 75 ml (RM 265).

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Isabel~~did you get the perfume for free? It looks so nice! I used to go on a sneezing frenzy with perfume as well in the past but I'm growing to really like them, recently. ^^ oh, and it's emma watson.. :D My expectation just went up a notch! :)

  2. Yes, it was given by Lancome. I'm not really a perfume person but if my bf likes it, hey I don't mind putting it on ^^

  3. I'm intrigued!!! Gonna go smell it next time I go to the store :D the bottle is really beautiful >w<

  4. I love Tresor In Love so I'm really excited to see how Midnight Rose smells like! :)

  5. Wow the bottle is so gorgeous <3
    I feel like sneezing the perfume now =D


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