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Mocha Latte Expresso Cappuccino?

Right after my Refa roadshow job, I had an usher job. There was however, no ushering.. In fact, the thing I said most to the guest is "Mocha Latte Expresso Cappuccino?" as I had become... a coffee maker =/

I'm quite happy cos I finally made good use of the black skirt I got from Sungei Wang xD And the clincher too!

This is what my 15 minute makeup before 8 am looks like. Yes.. It's barely visible in the photo =/ I'm using Elf Brightening Eye Colour in Butternut cos it's a neutral palette and I can apply it with my fingers.

Cassandra, my partner in crime (sneaking cookies and apple juice into our tummies when no one is around lol).

Coffee makes me feel nauseous but it smells so good that I'm tempted to try it again =_=" Should I?

I've also 'leveled up' in the skill of eating while driving.. =/ Totally do not recommend doing this as I believe it's even more dangerous than being on the phone.

This may be my last job for now as I have other priorities to attend to aka BF & college.

Btw, more pics from Refa roadshow. Miss you all! 

Can you spot me? Btw, that Japanese man behind me is actually really cute lol He took out a hanky and pretended to cry when he left xD

Cute Zhennie..

Tifanny <3

Sexy Stella. And NO I did not plan to wear that and walk around in 1 Utama. I forgot to bring clothes to change (had to return the uniform on the last day).

Cheryl & Stella~

Amber Chia was here twice

And Chui Ling (didn't know who this is but apparently she's famous)

At the end of the last day, a slideshow suddenly played and photos of a few of us appeared on the screen. The event organizers had sneakily organized a little birthday celebration for them as their birthdays fell on the event days. How sweet..!! So touching... All the birthday girls were in tears lol

I regret not starting freelancing earlier as now I know it's such a great opportunity to learn and meet new people ^_^


  1. Love that coffee-making machine. Bought it as wedding present for my cousin together with all the available flavours' capsules.. muahaha~

  2. YEAH! So nice right.. But the capsules are not cheap


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