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Garnier Pure Pore Tightening Astringent

I have oily combination skin (mostly oily) so I've been searching for an oil free moisturizer or a moisturizer that can control the oilies. I heard about the Garnier one in a blue bottle that worked fine but it wasn't recommended to wear beneath makeup as it will cause the makeup to slide about. So I went to Guardian's with my sis and decided to pick up a bottle. My sis was already at the counter so I just grabbed the bottle. When I reached home, I realised that the one I took was a toner (astringent) and not the moisturizer. I did go back to look again but apparently, all the branches I went to didn't have the moisturizer.

So since I already have it, I decided to try it. The moment I opened the bottle, I was shocked as it smelt so heavily of alcohol! I checked the ingredients list and alcohol was the 2nd ingredient after water >_<

I'm not in love with the nozzle. Each time I pour it out, it drips onto the side and down the side of the bottle.

It's a clear liquid that's quite watery (hence the dripping)

I tried using this as a toner despite it's high alcohol content. It did make my pores smaller for a little while but it didn't make my skin feel comfortable. It felt tight and a little dry so I stopped after a week. Now, once in a blue moon, I will use this in my clay mask as I mentioned HERE. I think that is the only way I will use this.

Size : 150 ml
Price : RM 20 or below (sorry can't remember)
Bought from : Guardian's
Made in Indonesia

Pros : Cheap
Cons : High alcohol content!!!, bad nozzle, again I repeat : ALCOHOL
My conclusion : Not going to buy this ever again. Doubt I will even finish it! Maybe I can use this alcohol filled product to sanitize stuff lol


  1. You are meant to use it on a cotton ball ie, put the cotton ball on top and tip the bottle slightly so some of the solution gets on the cotton ball. No mess at all! (Don't pour it on your hand or anywhere else for that matter).

    It's a great product which really help remove dead skin and clean oily areas. Alcohol and salicylic acid are the two "active" ingredients (like most real astringents!) hence it's no surprise. Even Clinque products have them. Without them it's just scented water!
    I wouldn't go with out for my skin.

  2. I used it with a cotton pad. I only poured it on my hand to take the photo =)

    Actually, alcohol really dries out your skin. I've used the clinique one and it's drying for me. If you read online reviews, there are similar stories. That's why only people with real oily skin (not overproduction of oil caused by dehydration) should use it.

    Btw, I've changed my toners to moisturizing lotions =)

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  4. Agree without alcohol or similar you are just getting scented water with other products. People really need to understand the simple science behind these products and not just believe the marketing hype. I use the product as intended with a cotton ball pressed to the opening and slightly tilted, works perfectly. If you skin is sensitive I'd say don't use an astringent at all!


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