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So today marks the birth of my blog, which is temporarily named Sugar Coated Muffin as I can't think of a suitable name for it. In my process of finding an available URL, I've come to realise that people who come up with weird blog names (like me) are aplenty! Example : 'thepinkmuffin' was taken. So was 'blueapple' and other names like 'thepinkcloud' and 'pinkmoon'. And why do so many of them even have the word pink?! I must find an original name for myself. Or at least one that is ME so it can actually represent me.

Alright, so my blog is supposed to be about the beauty products I've tried but come to think of it, I don't really try alot of stuff so I think this will be a collection about all the crap in my life instead. Besides, my crappy camera is unable to capture the true colours of all my stuff, dammit. I wonder how the other girls do it. Hmm..



  1. It's a cute and endearing name. =)

  2. i think Sugar Coated Muffin is an awesome name!!! ;D
    <3 <3

  3. Thanks! I've outgrown that name though haha

  4. a bit of a shame but on the up side.. you're growing(!) and that's always good <3


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