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The Legend of Hercules (2014)

Being a fan of Greek mythology, even le Bf knew that I would not miss the new Hercules movie.

If like me, you were expecting lots of Greek myth stuff, you would be disappointed. It is more of a.. 'teenage son trying to win over his step-father' kinda thing =/ No unicorns, god appearances or stuff like that.

Also, I didn't feel like the cast was suitable as they didn't have an 'ancient mystical' look, if you get what I mean.. I guess this Hercules isn't my type either.. And why does Hera look like that?! I cannot accept lor..

Then there was all that slow-mo going on through out the entire movie. A little overdone at times. 

Immediately from the start, it gave me the feel of the movie 300 and then it got a bit Gladiator. Big half-nude guys battling. But nooo.. As the movie progresses, there is a disappointing lack of proper battles (didn't feel real enough). There's cheesy romance though.

Highlight to reveal spoiler below.

At the last battle where they face an army 5 times their size, I honestly thought "great, finally an epic battle scene!" then suddenly that dam Zeus sticks a string of lightning to his sword and he just swung it around like a little girl's hair and whacked everyone. Not cool man. Not cool.

Spoiler end.

I would not recommend you to catch this in the cinema. I would have preferred it to be manlier and less Twilight material. More original content as well please!

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