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10 Things to Know Before Tinting your Car Windows

Recently got my car window tinting done at Winshield Window Tinting Specialist in SS2, PJ. Super happy with the results! The heat rejection is superb and I'm able to enjoy a cool car all day long. Now, before you tint your car, make sure you read these 10 points!
Car window tinting before after

#1 Does vehicle window tinting work?

Yes! I've had several people comment that they were surprised the car is so cool even when it's so HOT outside. Anyone who has parked their car at an outdoor area in Malaysia would understand how scorching hot the car can be. It's almost like entering an oven.

#2 Does the type of window tinting make a difference?

ASWF American Standard Window Film Dimension X40
Yes! High quality tints reject more heat so your car stays cooler. The efficiency also lasts longer and doesn't deteriorate as fast. The film I'm using here is ASWF's Dimension X40 which has 99% UV rejection, 98% Heat Rejection, and 65% TSER. ASWF is a window film brand from US so all the films are imported and come with 5 year warranty.

#3 Are darker tints better?

Testing car window tinting film for heat rejection
Not at all. Some cheap films are only dark but offer low UV and heat rejection. It's best to go for a branded film with high IRR. The best way to make sure you're getting a good window tinting film is to head to the shop and test the film before purchasing. This is the demo room in Winshield - the difference is significant with and without the tinting film!

Before this I was skeptical but after changing to a branded window film, I can REALLY feel the difference between the cheap films and branded films. No regrets at all.

#4 What are the benefits of tinting your car windows?

The main point for me is obviously a cooler car. No longer have to on my air cond at full blast just to feel comfortable. Now it's usually at minimum fan speed. On the long run, it's less stressful on my car, I don't have to service my air cond that often and I save a bit on petrol.

Window tinting also reduces skin's UV exposure keeping dark spots, pigmentation and wrinkles away!
Before car window tinting
After car window tinting, UV rejection

#5 Can I remove and reapply the film?

I'm aware that there is a 'Magic Tint' in the market that claims their window tinting can be removed and applied as you wish without going to the shop. I asked the shop what is the difference between normal tint and Magic Tint. The material of Magic Tint is similar to the square piece we use to stick our road tax. It's much thicker and if you look through it, it is fuzzy. If applied on the whole car window, your view will be blur and fuzzy. This is not safe at all!

#6 Can I buy and apply the tint myself?

Applying window tinting at Winshield
Tinting film should be applied by a trained professional to prevent bubbles or scratches. Any damage or excessive trapped dust under the film will cause it to bubble or peel off later on.

#7 Does window tinting come with warranty?

Surprisingly, yes! Winshield provides 5-10 years warranty (depending on the product) so if your tint encounters any issues they will correct it for you.

#8 Do I need tinting if my windows are already tinted?

During car production, dye is sometimes added to the window glass to give it a darker colour. However, this is just colour from the dye and does not protect you from the sun's UV rays nor block out the heat.

#9 What is security film and is it worth it?

Normal film is about 1.5 Mil (thickness). Security film ranges from 4-6 Mil which is much thicker than normal film. It is also harder to break, protecting you and your family from robbers and snatch thieves.

#10 How to care for my window tinting?

Can you wind down your window after tinting?
For 2 weeks after applying your window tint, do not wind down your windows or switch on the demister. This will allow the film enough time to cure properly. If your window gets dirty, wipe with a wet soft cloth. Do not attempt to peel it off and avoid scratching it.
HQ Address: Winshield, No. 139, Ground Floor, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Branches: Bangi, Jalan 225 PJ, Cheras, Glenmarie Shah Alam & Subang Jaya
Contact number: 012-682 2298

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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